We want your experience at Mission Yoga to be a pleasant and supportive one from the moment you arrive until you leave.

Here are a few tips and requests to elevate your visit.

1. Consider Parking 
We have 12 spaces total and they go quickly. The double spaces in front of the garage doors should only be used as they are designed. In other words, please pull all the way up so another person can park behind you. If you are concerned about being blocked in, please park on the road instead. On road parking is two hour residential and does not require a sticker.

2. Sign up ahead
Even if you reserve a spot you should show up at least five minutes before class . At the 5 minute mark all spots become open.

If classes continue to be extremely busy we will add a few more night and weekend spots in the Spring. 

3. Take your mat home
We love being your yoga home but the student mats are overflowing and filling up the cubbies. Scoop up your mat so that we can donate the abandoned ones and when we’ve cut down the clutter we will invite you to leave your mats again.

4. Put those props away mindfully 
When class ends move with the clarity you’ve cultivated. Put those props in their place neatly with the intention of supporting the next practitioners experience. We tidy as much as we can but we need your help. If you have some free time, offer to help your teacher with studio organization. It’s the yogic thing to do.  🙂

Thank you for being part of this community..You are Mission Yoga too!